Etek Motors By Montenery

mars etek ME0907 motor

Montenergy ME0907



Montenergy (formerly Mars) designs and manufactures the popular Etek electric motors. Etek motors are popular for enthusiasts building their own electric motorcycles. Etek motors are sold to OEM only at the time of this posting.

However, you can find more information on these motors at Montenergy homepage. They are also available for sale on Ebay.

If you want to connect with other electric motorcycle enthusiasts building electric motorcycles with Etek motors visit

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EnerTrac Electric Hub Motor For Motorcycles

Enertrac Electric Hub Motor For Motorcycles

Enertrac Electric Hub Motor For Motorcycles

Mark Gelbien and his company EnerTrac Corporation believes the motor belongs in the wheel itself. Mark has developed a turn key electric motorcycle solution called the EnerTrac Hub Motor. The MHM-602 model is a 3rd generation version of the motor that will fit any swing arm with a minimum 7.5 inch gap. Most gaps are larger so it is centered with shims supplied by EnerTrac. Each time a customer purchases a wheel to fit in their donor bike EnerTrac has never fitted it’s motor to, Mark will engineer a plate to attach the rear brake disk to the hub motor and any other mounting hardware needed. This is included in the price. For more information on the technical specs take a look at the EnerTrac specifications page.

Source: Plug Bike

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